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Who are we?
Version FM is a special Syrian artistic Radio that is broadcasted at 94.4 Mhz.

Our Approach
Version FM is oriented to all segments of society and is looking forward to satisfy all tastes, the Arab audience in general, and the Syrians in particular.
After elaborate study and big questionnaire with number of different age groups in Syria, Version FM has worked to create a specific policy for careful selection of quality of all programs and songs to be broadcasted through our radio. These programs and songs will be selected in a way that go on with Arab society and that are away from triviality and superficiality.

Our Expectations:
Version FM works in its professional, modernized style to convey its media message clearly to all age groups. Since our slogan is “little talk, much music”, we are looking forward to diverge from what is common in the other radios.

Version FM will support the Syrian song that will have a very noticeable presence through our broadcast. Support and facilities will be provided to Syrian artists as well since it is a must for us and not a flattery or a trade.

Work Team:
Version FM’s work people are young and have technical competence and high culture, and most of whom have extensive experience in their related fields. Some of them previously worked for famous radios in number of Arab countries. Moreover, they have that spontaneity and simplicity in presentation to give the audience a sense of peace and confidence and to break the wall of fear allowing them a chance to contact and express.

Version FM has number of Studios:

  • Air studio.
  • Control Studio (running live programs).
  • Production Studio.
  • Production Studio no. 2.
  • Production, Montage, & Mixage Studio.

These studios have been designed with the most modern styles and decorations, In line with the worldwide development and with the highest international standards. They have been furnished with the most modern equipment and techniques.

In addition to these departments, Version FM Radio include other technical departments as follows:

Outward Department:
It includes a technical crew of specialists in different areas of work; such as sound technicians and maintenance engineers in addition to the administrative staff and workers in the areas of coordination and production, output and public services. This department covers all activities, events and special programs and festivals, that runs in the country in general and in governorates in particular.

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