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Version Radio has a website that is maintained and managed by it. The audience can go through this website and browse its contents to read the terms and conditions carefully before starting to use the website, as you can only do if you adhere to the agreement that defines the terms and conditions of use.

Version Radio Group reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of use as it deems appropriate without notice. Therefore, please make sure you are committed to the agreement of the latest terms and conditions of use when you login to the site to use.


You may create a link from your own website to this website. Version Radio, and as it deems appropriate, may refuse to allow that in accordance with the contents of the link and the manner and conditions of use.
Version Radio is also not responsible for any loss or damage due to the use of any of the three parts of the link from or to the site “Linked Sites”, and your access to any of the linked sites shall be at your own risk.
The site content will not be considered as recognition of and/or authentication of Version Radio on the contents of the linked sites or any products and / or services appear in them and / or provided through such linked sites. Nothing mentioned above constitute a partnership or the like between the operator of the linked sites and Version Radio.


All materials in the linked sites are protected by laws related to copyright, the laws in force in each country around the world, and the terms of the Treaty on the matter except for personal use, non-commercial advertising, modification, reproduction in whole or in part, transmission, transport, publishing, licensing, selling or publishing any of the materials.


All trademarks and logos contained on the Site are owned by it and licensed only to Version Radio to use. Version Radio has the right to use them without obtaining the prior written consent.


Version Radio may change and / or modify the contents of the site, or suspend or discontinue the services provided through the site at any time and without prior notice. Version Radio will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the change or alteration of the contents, or inability to use the site.

Version Radio is not responsible, nor represent or guarantee either expressed or implied expression, legal or illegal, including to ensure respect to the accuracy, reliability, accomplishment, fitness for a particular purpose, commitment to third-party rights, privacy and / or safety of the site contents, and any representations and warranties relating thereto except the banned from laws in force. Version Radio is not responsible for any loss or damage, including any special damage, punitive, incidental or result from your use or access, or inability to use or log in the site.

Site may contain information relating to the future performance of Version Radio, but such information is not considered as a guarantee of such performance that might be affected by changes in the work environment and other factors.

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