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Our Programs:

Big variety of programs is on the list of the broadcasting plan, such as morning programs, talk programs, local production, constructive programs, entertainment programs, kids’ programs, programs of special needs, etc…

Preparation, follow-up, and continuous work for more than 18 months have been done through tremendous efforts of our team and specialist, thanks to all! They executed a survey involving a wide range of audience to get known to their interests and tastes. This helped us a lot to overcome the difficulties of setting and producing big number of good programs that satisfy all tastes using all available tools.

All programs to be broadcasted through our radio are based on real ideas and are obtained from the experience of Syrian society with all its classes. For example:

  • Social programs.
  • Cultural programs.
  • Artistic programs.
  • Entertainment programs.
  • Sports programs.
  • Economic programs.
  • Heritage programs.
  • programs that address women’s issues and affairs.
  • Kids’ programs.
  • Programs of those of special needs.
  • Varied western programs.
  • Programs concerned with health.

As part of our constructive programs, Version FM has specified a considerable space for Syrian youths to discuss their issues and aspirations, ambitions and concerns, and the problems they are facing and ways to deal with them. We will also have a major role in raising awareness, education and the ability to produce dramas and soap operas broadcast.

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